Jun 23, 2011

Georgia Guidestones HDR Time-Lapse Frame Grab - See the video in my stream!

It’s been a slow but busy week if that makes sense? Even without being busy, I’ve been busy. I missed this week’s WedLock wedding industry professionals event in Decatur, and after going to one of these events a couple weeks ago at Bean Work Play Cafe in Decatur I was really looking forward to seeing Jayne again and meeting other Atlanta wedding professionals.

The last WedLock event I went to on June 9th was a “live webinar” if that makes sense – I seem to have a habit today of not making sense – with Alan Berg, formerly of TheKnot and now a speaker on the Wedding Industry. We met up at Bean Work Play Cafe and a small intimate group of Atlanta wedding professionals networked and then participated in the webinar while Jayne Hollock facilitated. Alan was on the call with Jayne and the two ran the webinar with us as the “studio audience.” I got to meet Esther’s husband Jacob, both of Esther JuLee Photography, whom we briefly met while Betty was attending a female photographer’s group.

Anyway, on to the photography!! I know this is “Anything Goes” so I’m sorry for being random, that’s just how it goes sometimes. For my FIRST Father’s Day, Betty finally caved in and let me take the trip up to the Georgia Guidestones that I have been talking about since we first moved here to Atlanta in July of 2010! Maybe I was even talking about it before then when we were just visiting, but after reading about them on Roadside America about weird things, it was the closest one on the list!

We left here in Atlanta around 4:00 PM on Sunday, after spending a relaxing Father’s Day just hanging out and playing with Miles like we do every day. It was nice to sleep in a bit after a long Saturday night when we hosted some friends here at our place for an Orlando reunion with two other couples that are close friends who also moved here to Atlanta from Orlando. Small world, right? So yes, we started driving North on I-85 and then took the Athens exit to drive the back roads through the Georgia countryside. This was the long way and added about 30 minutes compared to taking I-85 the entire way but it was worth it just to see something different besides the interstate for the 2 hour+ drive there. We only pulled over once to snap a quick photo and after seeing this scene as we passed a bridge, I had to stop and get out.

Georgia River Scene on the Way to the Guidestones

I couldn’t even tell you where we were but this was obviously a popular spot with people up and down the river on both sides of the bridge, mostly in kayaks like you see here. Ahhh… Summertime!

iPhone - Shooting time-lapse of the Georgia Guidestones

From our bridge stop we drove about another 45 minutes or so through some crazy GPS paths that took us down dirt roads (thanks TomTom, remind me to upgrade you to a Garmin ASAP!). As we passed a farm on another gravel road, we finally saw up ahead what we had come for – the Georgia Guidestones! If you want the full story head over to Wikipedia, but for a short synopsis: basically an unknown stranger showed up one day in 1979 and had these giant stone slabs commissioned in tiny Elberton, GA and then erected on this spot. On each side of the stones is a cryptic message of instructions for mankind for the future, each in a different language, from English to Chinese to Spanish to Russian. Well, besides the conspiracy theory angle, I knew it would be a fun place to photograph and take some time-lapse of the sunset!

Behind the Scenes - time-lapse camera 1 at the Georgia Guidestones (iPhone pic)

Behind the Scenes - time-lapse camera 2 at the Georgia Guidestones (iPhone pic)

I set up two cameras to start shooting time-lapse, and then had to just let it do it’s thing. Time-lapse is boring like that, you just get your angles and settings then let it rip and hope for the best! Luckily the sun sort-of cooperated with us this day. We didn’t get the spectacular crazy sunset like I wanted but their was enough clouds and movement to make for an interesting video. In our down time we shot a few portraits of the family since of course Miles was with us for the trip:

Road Trip to Georgia Guidestones for Father's Day

Road Trip to Georgia Guidestones for Father's Day

We only stayed for maybe an hour and a half or two hours, long enough to shoot about 100 gigabytes of data to the memory cards while shooting an HDR time-lapse of the sunset. I know some people may not like HDR or the over-processed HDR look, but I think pushing it to the extreme really makes for an interesting video. Personal preferences I know, I could have toned it down a bit, but I really enjoy this look! Here is the results of 5 hours of driving and 100 GB of data: a 45 second movie clip. Thanks Betty!!

So there you have it, what we drove 2 and a half hours to get to, only to drive for another 2 and a half hours to get home at 11:00 PM on Sunday night for :). Luckily Miles loooooves car rides, so he slept pretty soundly for most of the day. When he wasn’t sleeping he was happily quiet and looking out the windows with Betty in the back seat. All in all I would definitely say it was a great first Father’s Day, couldn’t have asked for anything better! I spent time with my two favorite people and doing my favorite thing, yup, life is good.

On to a busy weekend with Brandi’s wedding on Friday and then Trina’s wedding on Saturday! I shipped out both Dianne & Mike’s Vines Mansion wedding photos this week and also Nasrine & Amir’s Centennial Olympic Park engagement photos as well, so look forward to both of their blog posts coming up soon! Happy Wednesday!

Equipment Used in this Shoot (B&H Affiliate Links)

2x Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR
Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L
Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II
Induro Carbon 8X CT214 Tripod

Zachary Long is an Atlanta Wedding Photographer and self-proclaimed Time-Lapse junkie. When he isn’t shooting time-lapse movies in HDR or standard definition, he is shooting artistic fine art weddings in and around Atlanta. View our portfolio at http://www.FengLongPhoto.com/ and use the “Contact Us” page or send us an email directly to FengLongPhoto@gmail.com

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