Jun 21, 2011

I’m sort of liking this new “post almost every day” sort of thing. While I never studied Journalism in college, I did start my college career off as an English Literature major. Wait, does that mean I just like to read books or does that mean I can write books? Hmm, not really sure on that one! Regardless, this brings me to another post in my new series of “Technical Tuesday” posts with a peek behind the scenes at what makes our wedding photography special and something that we have spent countless hours studying and learning to perfect our craft from both the creative and technical side.

At the end of May I was contacted by Yechiel, an online marketing analyst¬†at B&H Photo Video, asking if we had an interest in joining their affiliate program. When I saw this email the first thing I thought was, “You want me? Of course, are you kidding me!” We do order our equipment both for our wedding photography and our camera rental business through three main places: Adorama Camera, Amazon.com, and B&H Photo Video. I am always the first to recommend these places to anyone looking for advice on where to purchase from a reputable dealer as we have used them many times and had nothing but positive experiences and excellent customer service – and also great prices! If you have read any of the recent stories exposing the Bait & Switch tactics of certain shady New York camera dealers, rest assured that B&H Photo Video and Adorama are the two giant names in the industry and ones that you can trust.

We have been using B&H Photo Video more than Adorama lately for one main reason: the shipping to Atlanta is just cheaper! Prices and selection is generally identical between the two stores but for some reason B&H always has a better deal on shipping.

A quick check shows that the shipping cost for a Canon EOS 5D Mark II from Adorama is $22.50 for 4-6 day shipping or $26.45 for UPS 3 Day Select. Ordering the same Canon EOS 5D Mark II from B&H Photo Video? FREE ground shipping (2 days to Atlanta) or even FedEx Saver for $7.50 which is 3-5 business days delivery!

By joining B&H Photo Video‘s affiliate program, if anyone clicks and buys through one of our affiliate links we make a small (tiny) commission. So we will be posting a listing at the bottom of some of our blog posts to describe what gear we used in a particular shoot because I know other wedding photographers will be interested in those details. I know I am myself when I read other wedding photographer’s blogs! While the links will point to B&H Photo Video, if you can find a cheaper price from somewhere else (Adorama or Amazon) then certainly head over there. As I mentioned before we have consistently found a cheaper total cost with shipping from B&H Photo while not sacrificing quality or service.

We still love our Amazon Prime subscription and order just about everything from the site from diapers to paper towels to coffee, but if want to talk to a knowledgeable person about photography and get expert opinions at the same great price – check out B&H Photo Video.

Have a great week, more to come with tomorrow’s standard “Anything Goes Wednesday” post and then a busy weekend ahead with a wedding on Friday and another on Saturday!


Zachary Long is an Atlanta wedding photographer who loves B&H Photo Video and wishes he lived closer to New York City so that he could visit the store in person. View our portfolio website at http://www.FengLongPhoto.com/ or send us an email to FengLongPhoto@gmail.com to check availability in 2011 and 2012.

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